How to integrate Shopify with Facebook in a simple way?

How to integrate Shopify with Facebook in a simple way?

Selling things on Facebook is easy and efficient. This is quite logical because this platform attracts literally millions of users on a daily basis. Male, female, old, young, Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans – you can find many different categories of people on Facebook. After all, this is the most popular social media platform across the globe. If you want to sell things on this network, you should rely on Shopify. How to integrate Shopify with Facebook is a common question today because many people have realized that a combination like this can bring many benefits to its users.

Selling products on Facebook provides access to a wide array of effective business tools. For example, you can offer, sell and finish the checkout process directly on Facebook. You can also share individual products with the fans of your page in the news feed. In addition, you can easily boost your posts and share them with thousands of people. Remember that these paid promotions allow you to pick the audience.

Now that you know how great it is to use Facebook for this purpose, let’s share the steps needed to integrate Shopify with Facebook.

Create accounts

First and foremost, you will need to register with Shopify and create a Facebook business page. Becoming a Shopify user requires a simple registration process and a relatively small monthly fee. Pick the plan that you want to use carefully, but remember that they all support Facebook integration. On the other hand, creating a Facebook business page is completely free.

Add products

The good thing is that all the products you add to your Shopify store will be synced with your Facebook store. There’s no need to do the same job twice. When you add your products to Shopify remember to use high-quality images and accurate descriptions.

Shopify and Facebook integration

Use the admin page on your Shopify account to add the Facebook tab. You will have to log in to your Facebook account to finish this procedure. The authentication process is short and straightforward.

Promoting your products

Once the integration process is over, you can start promoting your products. Obviously, you should use your Facebook business page to do this. But, don’t rely only on your page. You can invest in paid promotions that have proven to be very effective. Don’t be afraid to invest in other marketing techniques that go beyond this platform.

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