Facebook shop by Shopify: a business opportunity worth a try

Facebook shop by Shopify: a business opportunity worth a try

If you do some research, you will realize that there are some great online business opportunities out there. Thousands of people are using these opportunities to make fortunes and there’s no reason why you should avoid these chances to start a business venture. Many people are considering launching a Facebook shop by Shopify.

About three years ago, Facebook has announced that they are adding a special Shop section which will be available on every Facebook Business Page. In this way, both desktop and mobile Facebook users were allowed to browse products and checkout directly from Facebook. Of course, thousands of merchants have used this business opportunity to boost their sales.

The Facebook business pages come with a sophisticated subscribe button that lets you inform subscribed customers about the new products you’ve added to your Facebook store. It’s good to know that the Shop section is placed on the left side of the timeline for desktop users while mobile users will notice this section when they scroll down the page. We can confirm that the Shop section available on Facebook is a fantastic way to get in touch with millions of users, boost your sales and expand your business operations.

All these things sound great, but how can one actually build a Facebook shop by Shopify? In case you are already running a Shopify store, you should log in to your account. If you don’t have a store, start building one right away.

The next step is to use the Add channel button. After that, use the Get started button and follow the instructions. Those of you who have not connected the Shopify and Facebook accounts should use the Connect business page button which will lead you to a few pop-ups that will authorize you to do this. Once you are finished with the process, it is up to you to choose which product collections will be available to Facebook users. Keep in mind that you can sync existing collections, offer all products or create new collections of products for Facebook users. It’s a smart move to feature new products, best-selling items and discounted items in separate collections.

In the end, we should also mention that you have two options for the checkout process. First of all, you can redirect users to complete the process on your website. The other option is to let them finish this process on Facebook.

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